The Story of the Love Story Project

Airstream Storybooth

Airstream Photobooth in Harmony California

About The Love Story Project

Whether it’s a story of how two people met, a funny dating story,  a great proposal, or the moment they knew it was love, everyone in love or who has ever been in love has at least one terrific love story to tell.  The Love Story Project is spreading love by recording and sharing heartwarming, funny, and touching real love stories. We’ve created a story booth in the Love Story Project’s home base to record the stories and we’ll post them here on our site and on our Facebook page.


Stories The Love Story Project wants to record span beyond stories of couples currently together and in love.  Love Stories may also be a memory of a loved one, a long distance love message, a first love or crush, or even a tale of unrequited love.


The Love Story Project was created by Shari and Alan Fraser, founders of Sonrisa Photography and Bluesteel Photobooth to record, share, and preserve love stories. The Project was conceived by Shari’s love of audio stories from entities like The Moth, Story Corp, This American Life, and APM: The Story. With her experience in Cultural Anthropology and photography, the concept was a perfect natural fit. Alan, as a filmmaker and writer, has studied, taught and practiced the craft of storytelling. Together, their interests and desires to create something positive online have led them to create this unique project.



The Love Story Project
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