Cambria Gift Shop and Art Gallery

The story of The Love Story Project started as a way to record and share love stories, but in order to keep the story going we needed to find a way to fund the project. So, we opened a gift shop here in Cambria California.

the_love_story_project_store2_smallWe sell mostly heart related art and gifts, but out selection goes beyond romance. We feature many products from companies that give back or practice fair trade. It’s our mission to offer wonderful gifts and art that are unique and special, but that also feel a responsibility to support those who make the products or others in need.


Many of the artists represented in the shop are from the Central Coast. We love having local artists in the shop, and hope to continue to find more and more local artists who would like to sell their art in Cambria. It’s a special place.


Our gift shop is alive with vibrant colors and a mix of old and new. We love vintage, but also enjoy new things reflect a joy of life. There’s something for everyone here and we hope you’ll come in and have a look.

The Love Story Project
734 Main Street Cambria Ca, 93428 Text; 805-215-4524